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Find out exactly where your deals are in the funding process to keep your clients up to date.

Ease of application

It takes just 2 minutes to create an application for your clients with funding often given within 24 hours.

Earn and track

Earn recurring monthly commission whilst tracking it in the Portal.
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Any other questions?

We know this world can be confusing, we're here to help!
What is PlayterBroker?
PlayterBroker is a platform that allows introducers and commercial brokers to seamlessly help their clients get access to Playter funding quick and easily.
How does PlayterBroker benefit me?
PlayterBroker allows you to apply for funding in minutes, without the hassle of lengthy applications. You are then able to track the application as well as send contracts easily to your clients through the Portal.
How do I know if my client has been accepted or rejected?
You'll find status updates on each application, meaning you'll be able to see what companies have been accepted, and what companies have been rejected as well as why.
How am I paid commission?
You'll get paid your recurring monthly earnings every month, for every successful deal you send Playter.
What if my client doesn't have cloud accounting software?
Although our preference is to us Cloud Account API's, we are able to accept accounts in PDF and Excel form. This might take slightly longer to get you a decision, but don't worry... it will still be much quicker than you think!
Is the PlayterBroker Portal free?
Absolutely! It's 100% free for you to use.
Do you work with SMEs outside of the UK?
Right now we only work with UK based SMEs.
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