Accountancy firms offer a myriad of financial services, from bookkeeping and auditing to tax preparation and financial consulting. They often work on a retainer basis or project-specific contracts. These firms need to invest in advanced accounting software, ensure continuous training for their staff, and manage operational costs, all while waiting for client payments.
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The Problem
An accountancy firm secures a contract to audit a large corporation's financial statements. The audit requires specialised software, additional temporary staff, and lots operational expense. While the audit fee is substantial, payment terms are net-60 days post-audit completion, creating a cash flow gap. The implications of this financial gap include:
Compromised Audit Quality
Without immediate funds, the firm might cut corners in the audit process, potentially missing critical financial discrepancies.
Operational Challenges
The firm might face difficulties in accessing the necessary software, hiring temporary staff, or covering other essential operational costs.
Client Relationship Strain
Inadequate audit preparations can affect the firm's reputation and relationship with the client.
The Solution
The accountancy firm requires a financial solution that offers immediate access to funds, ensuring a thorough and uncompromised audit process.


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With PlayterPay, accountancy firms can manage their audit-related expenses seamlessly.
Software License Invoices
Firms can split the costs of accessing specialized accounting or auditing software, ensuring they have the best tools for the job.
Temporary Staff Salaries
Instead of compromising on manpower, firms can spread out the costs of hiring temporary staff, ensuring a thorough audit process.
Operational Expenses
With any business, operational expenses can become problematic. Turning these lumpy invoices into manageable monthly instalments can vastly improve cash flow.
PlayterFlex offers accountancy firms a unique advantage when billing their B2B clients.
Flexible Billing Options
By invoicing their clients through PlayterFlex, accountancy firms can offer flexible payment terms, allowing clients to spread the cost of audit or other services over several months. This can be a significant value-add for clients managing their cash flow.
Immediate Revenue Stream
While clients benefit from flexible payment terms, the accountancy firm receives the full payment upfront, ensuring they can manage their operational and audit-related costs without waiting for client payments.
Zero Risk
PlayterFlex takes on the risk by underwriting the firm's clients, ensuring the accountancy firm is always paid in full and on time.
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By leveraging both PlayterPay and PlayterFlex, accountancy firms can ensure top-notch service delivery, maintain a healthy cash flow, and offer flexible billing options to their clients, all while navigating financial challenges with ease.
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