Flexible payments
for your customers

Give your customers the flexibility to pay over instalments. You get paid up front, your customers repay over 2-12 months.
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Benefits of Flex

Instant Credit

Find out whether your customers are eligible for credit in seconds.

No checkout needed

If you're issuing invoices, you likely don't have a checkout. With PlayterFlex, your customers can spread their payments without the need of an online checkout.

Money in the bank

We pay you 100% of the invoice value meaning you get the cash in bank, whilst your customers remain delighted.
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What is PlayterFlex?
PlayterFlex is our B2B product that allows companies to offer their business customers the option to spread the cost of invoices over 2-12 monthly instalments. This means you get paid the full amount upfront while your customers enjoy flexible repayment terms.
How does PlayterFlex benefit my business?
PlayterFlex helps you offer a unique financial solution to your customers, potentially increasing sales and customer loyalty. You get paid immediately, improving your cashflow, while your customers benefit from manageable monthly payments.
How do my customers access the flexible payment option through PlayterFlex?
You have two options: You can either invoice your customers directly through the PlayterFlex platform, where they'll receive a branded email from you guiding them to the payment process to spread the invoice, or you can generate a link from our platform to include in your own invoices, giving them direct access to the flexible payment options.
How can I determine if my customer is eligible for PlayterFlex?
Simply upload your customer's details to the Flex platform. We'll quickly assess and inform you of their eligibility. This ensures you're only offering flexible payment terms to customers who qualify, giving you peace of mind.
How do I get started with PlayterFlex?
It's easy! Sign up on our platform, provide the necessary details, and you can start offering flexible payment terms to your customers in no time.
Are there any fees associated with using PlayterFlex?
PlayterFlex is free to use. When offering flexible terms, there's an interest fee applied, which can either be absorbed by your business or passed on to the customer.
How quickly will I receive payment once my customer chooses the flexible payment option?
You'll receive the full payment upfront, ensuring there's no disruption to your cashflow.
To which of my business customers can I offer PlayterFlex?
You can offer PlayterFlex to all your UK-based business customers, giving them the flexibility to manage their cashflow better.
What if my customer misses a payment?
PlayterFlex takes on the risk of customer repayments. If a customer misses a payment, we handle the collection process, ensuring you're not burdened with chasing payments.
Is PlayterFlex secure?
Absolutely. We adhere to strict privacy policies, ensuring all data is kept confidential and secure. We're also registered with the FCA, ensuring all operations are compliant with regulations.
Delight customers with Flex
Use Flex to delight existing customers, or attract new customers with payment terms that work for them.